Rise of Vigil – Developer’s Diary

My name is Patrick Sullivan, and the first Ascension set I ever worked on was Chronicle of the Godslayer.  By “worked on”, I mean Justin Gary showed me an extremely alpha version of the game sometime in the mid-2000’s.  It was a house party, and I’d had many drinks prior to Justin showing me his new game.  I didn’t give much feedback beyond “show me this kind of stuff earlier in the evening”, but even with the little I played I knew he was on to something.

The second set I worked on was Rise of Vigil, our newest release.  I was hired by Stone Blade Entertainment on October 1st, 2012, mid-way through the development process for the set.  By this point, the energy mechanic was firmly in place, though many mechanics had been tried in its place prior to my arrival.  Energy presented a bunch of unique opportunities and challenges, and the overall texture of the file went through numerous iterations in the few months I spent working on the set. Continue reading


Interview with Jacob McCarthy, Ascension Immortal Tournament Champion

This past weekend marked the first Ascension Immortal event run at the StarCityGames Open Series featuring the Invitational in Atlanta, GA.  The winner was Jacob McCarthy, who had already tasted Ascension glory with his win at the World Championships this past summer.  We tracked down the champ to ask him some questions about his win.

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