Transforming Ascension with Darkness Unleashed

Hello Ascension fans, and welcome to the first in our series of previews for the upcoming set, Darkness Unleashed.  Darkness Unleashed is the expansion to Rise of Vigil and picks up where that set left off, building on the Energize mechanic and giving players all new ways to take advantage of it.

While Rise of Vigil tells the story of the realm’s ascent to greatness through harnessing the mysterious Energy Shards found throughout the land, Darkness Unleashed reveals the true source of that power – Erabus, the exiled son of Samael and Nyx.  Ages ago, Erabus had been cast out into the Void, caged within an enchanted crystal prison for fear that he would follow in his father’s footsteps and bring devastation to the realms.  Memory faded into myth, and when the empowered crystal fragments rained down upon Vigil, few saw their resemblance to that which once held Erabus in stasis.

But now Erabus is free, and darkness has been unleashed upon the unsuspecting realm of Vigil.  Yet more fragments of his crystal prison have come crashing down upon the world in his wake, some even more strongly imbued with his dark energy.  Those who learned to harness the power of the shards have felt their powers surge with his arrival, while others still have found themselves engulfed by the rising energy and transformed into something else entirely.

To tell this story, Darkness Unleashed introduces an entirely new type of card – Transform cards.  Transform cards have two different forms.  They always begin the game in the deck in one of the forms, and once a certain condition is met – frequently a player reaching a particular energy threshold – they transform into their alternate form permanently!  All Transform cards are included in the set in two different versions – one copy of the card that has both versions printed on each side of a single card, so you can simply flip the card over when you transform it if you’re playing with sleeves.  There are also separate copies of each version of the card with the normal Ascension back which you can use if you choose to play without sleeving your copy of Ascension.

What transform cards are out there?  Well, here’s a special one.  This is the card Jacob McCarthy earned the right to create by virtue of winning the World Championship tournament at Gen Con last year.  Check it out!

Jakeb-Cobra-Shaman-copy   Jakeb-Cobra-King-copy

Jacob won the World Championships with a Lifebound heavy deck, so it seemed appropriate for him to become one of the faction’s greatest Heroes!  Jakeb begins very similar to Lionheart, providing three Honor every time you play the card.   If you’re able to transform him, he powers up into an Honor producer that not only outshines even Nairi, Henge Queen, but also supercharges all of your other cards that give you Honor!

If you want to become a part of the Ascension world, you have several chances coming up!  Not only will the World Championships once again be held at Gen Con this summer, but we are also running Immortal tournaments at each stop of the StarCityGames.com Open series featuring the Invitational.  If you want to see your face on an Ascension card, be sure to come to the next Immortal Tournament in Somerset, New Jersey, on Sunday, July 28th.  For more information, check out this fact sheet.


And if you want to get your hands on a copy of Jacob’s card along with the rest of the set, be sure to pick up Darkness Unleashed when it goes on sale at your local hobby shop on September 18th!  We will have limited advance copies available at the Stone Blade Entertainment booth at both Gen Con and PAX Prime this summer, so if you’re going to be at either of those shows, be sure to stop by to demo the set and be among the first to get your hands on a copy!

We’ll be sharing more preview content from Darkness Unleashed as the summer convention season draws closer, so keep checking back here, and be sure to follow us on Twitter  and like us on Facebook for the most up to date Ascension news!