Official Stone Blade Ascension League! Sign Up NOW!

Loam Summoner

Hello Ascension Players,

Us at Stoneblade have recently decided we would like to get involved in an awesome thing that has been going on through our forums for a while now. What we’re referring to is the Ascension League run by one of our most dedicated members of the Ascension community. Glover Parker (though, most of you know him as gpxxxtreme). A while ago, Glover took it upon himself to start this league to give people a much needed place to play Ascension in a more organized and competitive fashion. He has even used his own money to send out prizes to people in the past. After hearing all the details, many of us at SBE decided that we would love to support this league in a more official capacity.


Each month around the 25th you will see a new forum post from gpxxtreme asking for signups for the league starting at the start of the next calendar month. Kind of like this one.

This forum post will be shared here on our main page as well as on the Ascension FaceBook page which is here. So if you don’t like the page already you should now so you don’t miss out on new tournament information.

The games are played through the Ascension app which is available on iOS, Android, and PC (through steam).

The pairings are done through a website called Challonge, you must make an account on this website (it’s free) to be entered into the tournament.

Then you respond to the Forum thread with your username for the Ascension app as well as your username for Challonge. They don’t have to be the same but it is convenient if it is.

And here’s the best part……IT”S 100% FREE!

Here is what you can win:

1st – $20 store credit to our web store.
2nd – $10 Store credit to our web store.
3rd – 8th – $5 Store credit to our web store.
$1 Store credit to our web store for just entering and finishing all the rounds

Those are the basics that are true for almost every month. However some things change from month to month such as which Ascension sets will be used in each tournament (sometimes it is even a different mixture of sets each round!).

This month it is a rotating format which uses all of the sets (No promo packs needed) so make sure you have all the sets unlocked. Even the newest one to the app, Dreamscape.

f you want to sign up for October’s league you can do so HERE.

Have Fun!

-The team at SBE

P.S. We just want to reiterate how amazed and lucky we feel to have such an incredible member of this community in Glover. It is people like him who turn games like Ascension into something special for everyone. Thanks, Glover!