Ascension VR

Bringing the tabletop world into the digital sphere by connecting players from all over the world into one virtual space, Ascension VR uses 3D fully animated avatars and showcases social elements including spatialized voice chat, avatar lip sync and avatar animation triggered by real time player movement.  Players can battle for supremacy regardless of what platform they’re on, whether mobile or PC and from a variety of VR headsets, including Gear, Vive, and Rift.  


Available for $9.99 via Steam and the Oculus Store August 1, 2016.  

Sign up for the Beta here!



  1. thehandsomedan on said:

    Have you considered the GoogleVR/Cardboard platform? I assume this is likely being developed in Unity, and porting such an app would take minimal rework time or support.

    Its easy to overlook mobile VR as being ‘inferior’ to platforms like Rift and Vive -but you shouldn’t overlook the vastly higher number of users on that platform who are perfectly happy with it and just want more apps/games to play in.

  2. diiorio on said:

    Is your intention to keep update The ascension app game for mobile Phone (Samsung ) or you Will focus only on ascension Vr? The app game and The Vr game Will be connected in some Way, i am thinking in already purchased expasion?
    When Will you add to The mobile app The Last expansion ( x war of shadows )?

    • Huuuze on said:

      Ascension VR is developed by Temple Gates Games, whereas the digital version of Ascension is developed by Playdek Games. In other words, you get the best of both worlds!

      As for War of Shadows, as long as fans support the physical version, we’ll do our best to bring it to the digital platforms.

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