Emri Shadowslayer and Unbound Emissary

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Emri Shadowslayer and Unbound Emissary

Postby IronLight » Mon Sep 26, 2016 5:53 pm

Hello all,

I ran a few searches on the forums to see if this had been covered yet and came up with nothing, so, here goes. This is for the Dreamscape expansion via the Ascension app for Android (and this may qualify for a bug report, pending the ruling on this).

Emri, Shadow Slayer: You may spend (power) as though it was (insight) this turn.
Unbound Emissary: You may spend (insight) as though it was (runes) to acquire this. (costs 15 runes)

In a table-top game, if I had 15 (power) with Emri Shadow Slayer on the table, I would assume that because I can use (power) for (insight), and I can use (insight) for (runes) to purchase Unbound Emissary, that I would be able to purchase Emissary with my 15 (power). However, in the app, I'm unable to do so (actual play conditions: I have 4 (insight) and 12 (attack), and purchasing Unbound Emissary is not an option).

Is there a reason or sub-rule that prevents me from using (attack) to buy Unbound Emissary?

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Re: Emri Shadowslayer and Unbound Emissary

Postby Huuuze » Mon Sep 26, 2016 10:10 pm

Nice catch. I'd say this is a bug.
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