Day/Night between card acquisition

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Day/Night between card acquisition

Postby Perrsun » Mon Apr 24, 2017 3:44 pm

For this example, I was playing in the iOS version of War of Shadows.

I had Watchtower Golem (Once per turn, If you play a Mechana construct or if it is Day, Gain 2 Power) already in play from a previous turn. The board had 3 Day and 3 Night cards at the beginning of my turn, so it was neither Day nor Night.

I played Searing Askara (Banish a card in the center row. Then you may acquire a card with a cost 3 Runes or less).

I banished a Night card from the center row, and it was replaced by a Day card. At that moment, the board was considered Day because it had 4 Day cards and 2 Night cards. I did not receive the 2 Power from Watchtower Golem. I chose to acquire a Day card, and it was replaced with a Night card, putting the center row back to 3-3.

Should I have received the 2 Power from Watchtower Golem because I did, momentarily, turn the board to Day... or is this working as intended because the Day/Night status doesn't count while I'm in the middle of taking Searing Askara's actions?
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Re: Day/Night between card acquisition

Postby JasonTime » Mon Apr 24, 2017 6:20 pm

You cannot activate an effect of a card while there are still something to deal with. So when you are about to activate the Construct you have missed the Day.
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