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Postby JasonTime » Fri Aug 10, 2018 2:17 am

turtler7 wrote:Copies usually say "copy the effect of a hero played this turn" which regardless of what happened to it after it hit your play area is still a hero you played this turn making them a valid target for a copy. If you copy a wandering askara played earlier in the turn, you can then setoff the extra turn effect by banishing your COPY card (not the virtual effect it copied as the text effect is now considered to be the text effect of the card that did the copying) and the first wandering askara as the text on the second one says "if you have played another wandering askara" (ignore that the copy card isn't actually a wandering askara and the word another seems misleading) "you may banish both cards" (doesn't use its name so seems fair game for the copy card to banish itself to get the rest of the effect).

I have no confirmed but would be interested to know what the app does if you have two wandering askaras, banish them both, then play a daybreak askara to get an x2 copy of the original now gone one. The first copy does see a wandering askara was played so allows the both banish option, but one is no longer available to banish so shouldn't be fair game anymore. The second copy sees the same but might also see the first copy as a 2nd banishable (even though it is really a single card with the text twice). Would the app give you two more turns in a row (the original set turn and the double copy as a single extra turn set) or three more turns (the original set, the first copy banish, the second copy banish despite no new cards actually being banished) or would it do only one extra turn from the original and doesn't allow the copies to gain an extra turn since only one actual card is not yet banished.

Since "Empower" cannot banish a played card that is already banished, "you may banish both cards" shouldn't be available neither... As for the additional turn, the text says "take an additional turn after this one" and I think it will be only one extra turn after THIS TURN regardless of how many additional turns you get. But in case where there is no "after this one" restriction (i.e. [Temporal Eye]), I don't know what happens, but I am afraid it will be the same.
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