A different Solo Variant - Four Horsemen

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A different Solo Variant - Four Horsemen

Postby BinderOfLight » Tue May 15, 2018 5:42 am

Right - the solo version is fun, but once you get the center row editing cards, easy. Here's a different version;

Choose your expansion/sets to include. For illustrative purposes, I'm going to use the Gifts of The Elements set.

Designate the Four Horsemen. For me, I'm using:

Static Elemental
Deluge Elemental
Bramble Elemental
Wildfire Elemental
(I dig the elementally aspected Horsemen)

All standard solo rules apply (take a card, all cards shift right and new card enters on the leftmost space). Except: if the computer/your imaginary opponent takes one of the four horsemen, they get honor for the kill (whatever the card awards), then they hold the card on their side, not in their deck or the void. For each Horseman owned by the opponent, add +1 to the center row take. So, if the opponent has one horsemen, they sweep three cards on their turn. If they own 2 horsemen, sweep four, etc.

If your opponent owns a Horseman and a copy flips to the center row - discard the newly flipped copy to the void.

If your opponent owns all four Horseman you lose upon ownership of the fourth and final Horseman. Apocalypse ensues, etc, life sux, etc.

You can kill an owned horseman. You need to have battle power = to theirs, and then you must sacrifice a card to clear them. You get their honor points (as indicated for killing them as normal), and the opponent then only gets the revised center cards per horseman remaining and standard rules. Notes: sacrificing should be read as Banishing the card (recovering MTG player). You get all effects triggered for banishing the card (on its text or another in play). I've been playing no banishment of the Horsemen. They're protected once they ascend and you need brute force and sacrifice to take them out. Yes, I read the last sentence and I'm sticking with it.

Other rules I'm having fun with: all those little annoying gremlins automatically go to your discard pile, no honor given when they flip into the center row. Think of it like the Cultists have enlisted the gremlin mob and they're after you. You now have to deal with them, plus the horsemen and the standard challenge. Its beatable, and fun.

Thoughts/additions? I've played with Super Good guys, who can clear all in-play horseman: read Ta'hyr the Sun, etc. Cool to have a white knight/chosen one roll in. I also tried a variant where a Monster was designated as Apocalypse, in addition to the Horsemen, where you lose when he gets owned. That version sucked/wasn't fun/living and learning.

Keen to hear opinions.
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