Master List of Bugs, Quality of Life, and Rules for App

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Master List of Bugs, Quality of Life, and Rules for App

Postby turtler7 » Mon May 28, 2018 3:52 pm

Master Bug List:
(Added 8/21 *NEW* If a player makes a direct challenge with a set or promo pack you do not own, you CANNOT decline the request because clicking the X just brings up the app store wanting you to buy the missing content.)
(Added 8/21 *NEW* A recent update took away the opponents deck count indicator from the UI.) Either I have been cheating in every physical game of ascension I have ever played by counting opponent deck stack visually or by request to them, or this should be public information. Not sure why it was taken away unless it was an attempt to fix some other issues. Please bring back the opponent deck count indicator.
(Added 8/21 *NEW* Ogo Rising (SOS) event flipping mid turn will cause the NEXT hero played to turn into a lifebound but should instead retroactively change the FIRST hero played that turn before the event even existed into a lifebound.)
(Added 8/21 *NEW* Triggering the fanatic effect on The Great Eclipse (IH) to make an already played card to count as a lifebound) This should recheck unites on already played cards. If the unite has not already triggered and the fanatic makes another lifebound have already been played should set off that effect.
(Added 8/21 *NEW* Faction Monsters that count as heroes) Samael the Fallen (ROTF) makes monsters to be considered heroes. It doesn't interact correctly with DoC monsters that have a faction identity. They should now be heroes of that faction. Card interactions affected include Order of the Gear making mechana monsters/heroes into mechana constructs, Unites and multi-unites don't trigger off faction monsters of the correct type, Cell Block E making monsters into constructs might make monsters be valid for power EACH turn with Samael but Cell Block E/Order of the Gear/Mechana Monster or all constructs are mechana effects should definitely let them be triggered for power each turn.
(Added 8/21 *NEW* Scryer of the Lidless Eye text error) The effect should say "draw two cards, then discard a card...." but instead now seems to have changed to say "Draw two card, then discard a card..." the plural s on cards has disappeared.
(Added 8/21 *NEW* Scrap weaver and Reysa also probably technoleap.) Scrap weaver should let the FIRST construct be put into play. Instead it allows ALL simultaneously acquired constructs to go straight into play.
(Added 8/21 *NEW* When your opponent does nothing, the log doesn't show the turn initially but in subsequent turns, you can go back and see the nothing turn. But it doesn't let you go forward again. You have to exit the game and come back in.)
(Added 8/21 *NEW* Annihilation (IH) and void monsters (DOC) trigger incorrectly.) The event says when you ACQUIRE a void card you can banish from hand/discard. When you DEFEAT any void monster from DoC it lets you take the extra banish from event despite the true trigger not being met.
(added 8/21 *NEW* No clue what happened here. COTG and all promos game. Link to image. Somehow without my opponent using any steal effects and only just starting his turn, I had only drawn 4 cards at the end of my last turn. Definitely a glitch but no idea how it happened.

(added 7/21/18 updated 8/21) If you acquire Askaran Armor (DS) with scrap weaver (GOTE) and put it straight into play it DOES take its own effect for buying itself and gives a new dreamscape card. It should not be able to do that since it is a "WHEN you acquire" effect rather than "if you have acquired" the effect would need to be active when buying the new card. Scrap Weaver also seems to trigger things like Upgrade Foundry (RU), Defense Generator, conversion port giving instant non-mechana rally off itself etc.
(Added 7/21/18 Incomplete log filesDreamscape acquires and a card stolen from one dreamscape to another do not show up consistently or correctly. Static elemental effect isn't shown in log either.
(Added 7/21/18 and 8/21 confirmed still an issue Astrolabe TRX name changed inexplicably) Suddenly the app has this card misprinted as astro-BLADE instead of astro-LABE as it is supposed to be called.
(7/21/18 No idea what to call this. hijinx ensued when I attempted to drag a treasure from the monolith to Vera
I released the treasure when it was halfway there, and it snapped back to the Monolith, whereupon I could not drag it again
However, I was able to give Vera a pet Oxipede! Image
(7/21/18 ) A copied Snake Shaman does not allow you to use runes to purchase honor.
(7/21/18 multiple instant acquires and empower) Using Vir, Ephemeral Guru (RU) to acquire more than one card never allows any empower effects to trigger.
(7/21/18 Emri, Born of Battle (GOTE)) Killing a cultist seems to trigger the steal honor from opponents effect which should only go off from a center row monster.
(ADDED 7/21/18, seems FIXED 8/21 ) If you use energy monk (IH) to return Canopic jar (SOS) to hand and play it again you get the 2 power correctly. But if you then kill a monster, you somehow trigger the secondary effect for 1 rune bonus TWICE. [/size]
(7/21/18 still bugged)berserker’s frenzy(DS) bonus doesn’t always work correctly. When using a “defeat without paying the cost” hero effect on a cultist the berserker’s frenzy bonus refuses to offer the option to double the reward honor value. It works correctly when killing monsters in the center row or killing a cultist with power.

(7/21/18 probably still bugged hasn't been tested recently)Emri’s Trial (GOTE) and treasure hunter (ROV) don’t stack correctly The cost of monsters with treasure under them should be reduced by 2 with these differing effects. Link to screenshot of the effect not being stacked correctly.

(FIXED!)GOTE Cards Not in Deck Thanks for dealing with this one!

(7/21/18 still bugged and regularly complained about)Madness’ Embrace (GOTE) cannot trigger to banish a card from hand when the discard pile is empty. If you buy a card so you have a discard you will now be able to trigger the effect to banish from hand (assuming you were not forced to use the card you wanted to banish to afford the new card – sorry).

(7/21/18 still bugged, should be an easy fix to allow players to acquire heavy and mystic much like an arha upgrade with a none option if the player takes one and doesn't want the other)Sister of the Wind has the description “add a mystic and/or a heavy infantry to your hand” but it currently only allows the AND effect. There are times where you have a hyper thin deck and want to focus entirely on power or runes and would like to exercise the OR option. The app does not currently allow you to select them individually or a none after selecting the first.

(7/21/18 still bugged on occasion more often with copy effects than others)Visual artifacts sometimes appear after a hero or monster is banished leaving it on the screen off centered from play area and hold there round to round. This can be fixed by either leaving to lobby and reloading the game or restarting the game entirely. But they are definitely distracting to the players and gets reported regularly.

(7/21/18 still bugged)The Great Eclipse with Dreamscape Heroes. When playing with Immortal Heroes and Dreamscape a player should have the option to banish a Fanatic to "Name a Hero. That Hero is also Lifebound this turn." to call out the name of a dreamscape hero and then use the event combo to put it on top of deck. The interface opens up the current deck and the cards in the center row and seems to even allow the void to be named lifebound but does not allow naming heroes in the dreamscape side bar.

(7/21/18 still bugged and has influenced tournaments negatively)Moment of Clarity draw and event change at same time When you set of moment of clarity to draw a card from buying an enlightened AND the replacement card is a new event. It DOES NOT update the event in the bar. It continues to show it as Moment of Clarity unless you leave that game and return.
Link to image of what I see when buying an enlightened failed to trigger and made me really sad
Link to image of what I see after I reloaded the game after messaging the other player in discord about the issue to confirm they saw the glitch and I am not crazy.

Unconfirmed Bugs mentioned by others:

Shardwing Beetle (WOS) paid the 3 runes for an extra 3 honor but the runes were not consumed.

Drawing more than one card with moment of clarity (IH) causes the app to crash.
I believe there’s an error with. Monk of the Lidless Eye’s Fate mechanic. I just had a game where he entered the center row on top of two Energy shards but I only drew one card. (Plenty were left in my deck.)

(FIXED!)31 constructs with Cell Block E caused game to crash.

Some players report clipped art during banish from deck with deluge elemental and with the lifebound promo that lets you acquire any lifebound. this link to image of proof was provided

Master Quality of Life suggestions:
(8/21/18 *NEW* Audio Hijack by Ascension App) Previously, if I had an Alexa device connected to my iPhone as a Bluetooth device, had Alexa playing music (but NOT music from my phone! Something like "Alexa, play song 'Hocus Pocus' by 'Focus'"), certain activities on my phone (like an incoming notification, or the "click" when you use the power button to shut the screen off and lock the phone) would pause the music for a moment as the phone played its noise, then the music resumed. Playing Ascension would NOT interrupt the music at all. Now... it does. The entire time Ascension is open, it takes over the Bluetooth device (the Alexa) as IF it was playing music or sound, even though I have sound and music disabled in the app.
End result is that playing Ascension when I want to have music running is now super uncool.
(7/21/18 still could be improved)Second player indicator could be improved Even long-term players sometimes ask on discord or chat how they can tell who the second player is. It even took me a while to recognize what the white border meant when I first started playing. It just isn’t as obvious as it could be and a nice quality of life update could include some other more clear indication of the last player to go.

(7/21/18 still non-intuitive and people report games as being frozen regularly only to find it is waiting on them)Emberwing Moth(WOS) and other select construct to kill monsters (Mordant widow) during daytime Many players do not find it intuitive what to do once they kill the emberwing during the day and the game prompts them “you must discard a construct from play” but doesn’t automatically drop down their opponents construct bar and display the options. This could be tightened up and consistent with monsters that share this effect.

(FIXED)forfeited games reappear in the games list This one comes up constantly in player reports where they have x’ed out of forfeited games but then they just show up again the next time they sign in.

(FIXED 8/21) dreamscape acquire for free indicators The previous app had a big green flashing change with the dreamscape menu icon when a 10 cost acquire for free effect was triggered. Now it just lights up like normal when a card is purchasable and it was very nice having a big, hard to miss indicator for players to remember their cards before finishing out their turn actions.

(8/21/18 still get crashes during banishing but less than before maybe?)cards disappear when acquired and game state freezes . This is a frequent issue reported by many players. Sometimes the entire app crashes other times you just have to return to lobby and when coming back to the game you find the acquired card in discard pile and have end turn button and such back that was missing during the game state freeze. This is particularly common for me during buying heavy infantry and mystics.

mangled visual glitch on dreamscape constructs that become mechana while in dreamscape menu If all constructs become mechana constructs and you open your dreamscape menu, all the factionless dream constructs get a mangled mechana symbol on them. Link to image of what it looks like this.

(7/21/18 still no none/undo available for this) Allowing an undo or waste the effect option for constructs that have “may” options. Currently constructs that have a “you may banish a card in your hand or discard” take care of the may part of the text by making activating the construct an optional thing. Many players find one time or another they start to activate it only to find their 6 cards in discard are all at least mystic/heavy or better or that they are forced to banish a good card they just bought or from their last good cards in hand when they didn’t want to. And they no longer have a none/undo action option.

Cell Block E (GOTE) with an infest monster. WARNING TO PLAYERS WITH A WORKAROUND When you select to “Defeat into play” you then also get a choice for infest that triggers after that choice. If you choose yourself (since you were wanting it to go into your deck but straight to play area) you will override the defeat into play with the infest and put it in your own discard pile. You have to select “none” to get the desired effect. It does function as intended but the interface is not intuitive until you have encountered this issue already. A quality of life change to make defeat into play override the infest question or to add a check for cell block to the infest coding to offer “defeat into play” as an option right next to infesting yourself and your opponents in the same menu.

Constructs with Triggered “you may banish” effects (Madness’ Embrace GOTE and Voidfeeder RoV) do not offer a none option to cancel after being triggered potentially forcing a banish of a desirable card from discard if done unintentionally or before studying the options to see only good cards remain.

Hedron Rising (SOS) event can be unclear that when using a “destroy your own construct to gain a bonus effect” that they cannot then banish a fanatic to prevent the destruction and still get the effect they wanted.

Master Questionable Implementation of Rules List:
(8/21/18 Vedah, Sage of Swords (promo) and Portal reveals.) We think this might be functioning correctly but want to confirm that while a portal IS a construct/hero it does not go straight to hand via Vedah draw effect. This is arguable and we are torn.
(added 7/21/18 still needs work 8/21/18 ): Ascension Order of Operations is not handled correctly in the digital version as finally clearly established in Delirium rulebook. This is how effects should be handled:
1. Any cards that have left the center row are replaced by the top card of the center deck.
2. Any effects from cards you have played take place.
3. Monster rewards are collected.
4. Any triggered effects from cards arriving the the center row occur in the order they were flipped from the deck.
Step 4 covers fates, insight from dreamborn, fate auctions, etc. It is very important to know that your effects from cards such as rally, gain some resource bonus for defeating a monster or acquiring a certain type of hero or construct, etc come prior to the monster rewards. Each card resolves from top to bottom. Often this order of operations is handled correctly but there are times it does not go off accurately. If a reclamax (ROTF) hits when you have a mechana rally, it will acquire it first correctly and then do its fate to return a construct and successfully (and correctly) return the reclamax itself to your hand.
When you have a Fear Wielder (DS) and kill a Nightmare Tyrant (DS) you should take the triggered effect from the fear wielder and gain a new dreamscape card BEFORE acquiring a card from dreamscape for free from the monster reward.
Guardian of Sadranis (ROTF) points come AFTER the monster reward rather than before which can change the situation prior to Sordid Asp(ROTF) or similar effects based on honor being checked. Sordid Asp is always a source of confusion in general.
I would assume but have not confirmed Nightmare Sentinel (DU) banish does not come prior to monster reward which could potentially matter if say a plunder devil allows acquiring something the player might then banish from the nightmare sentinel for a bonus.
Another that might not be handled correctly is a Wildfire Elemental(GOTE) kill replaced with a Ravenous Gorph (ROTF) prior to the banishes from monster effect. We think it resolves the fate banish from the Gorph first (which is not the correct way) prior to the monster reward.

This also affects things like killing Nova with cards give bonus honor for killing monsters as that honor should be returned to pool first and is instead added after.

*FIXED - ISH*fate based banishes of elementals (GOTE) handled incorrectly
8/21 it seems that a banish during a fate on opponents turn will cause the NEXT turn to award that bonus to the opponent. Given the nature of turn based play not wanting to interrupt game flow with fate triggers, this seems as good as it can get. A warning box to the player resolving a fate effect during replay of previous when they go to banish a gift elemental might be better so they never banish it at all mistakenly expecting an advantage. PREVIOUSLY if a fate effect offers an opponent a banish when it is not their turn, it waits until it is their turn to offer the chance. This is a wonderful feature to keep turn based games from bogging down when a mid-turn interrupt like a fate hitting the center row comes out. The problem comes when someone mistakenly sees a banish and sees a “when this is banished from anywhere take this bonus” effect in their discard and agrees to use the banish on it. My suggestion is to add a “it is not your turn: confirm you wish to banish this card” popup to cards of this type. But the main complaint is that if the banish DOES go off the correct way the effect would resolve is to give the bonus to the active player as the card specifies if it is “banished from anywhere during your turn” and it was banished, and it was from somewhere and it was the active player’s (the opponent of the card owner) turn. This will never work well in the digital game because you don’t want to interrupt a turn based game with a single decision before allowing the active player to continue their turn. And who would willingly give their opponent a bonus effect to boost their turn anyway? That is why I suggest a warning box so people do not accidently get rid of a card not realizing they stand to gain no benefit. This is mostly a quality of life suggestion for players new to the set mixed with fates in play but also is technically a rules violation if the active player didn’t receive the benefit from the mistake.

Copying Sister of the Wind. Sister of the Wind(GOTE) specifically says to “Banish Sister of the Wind and a card in your hand” as opposed to the normal “banish this” that things like Ephemerals from dreamscape say. This calls into extreme question what happens with a copy. Currently a copy effect interprets it as banishing itself even though it is only copying the effect of Sister of the Wind, not the name of Sister of the wind. A copy cannot set off “aura of the askara” because it is only the effect not the hero of the same name. This can either mean that copying the Sister of the Wind in play area after it banishes itself would have no effect since no additional Sister of the Wind can be banished. Or it could mean the copy hero is safe from being banished in the process. In particular, Premonition Bell(DOC) copying the Sister of the Wind from the center would offer a super cool interpretation where it banishes the Sister of the Wind from the center row to the void and banishes a card from hand allowing a single banish from the player to become a Mystic/Heavy Infantry.

Cetra, Matron of Stars and other multi-unites trigger instantly upon play despite the rules explicitly stating that these effects that do not gain runes, power, and honor resources can be taken at any time during the turn. This one has always bugged me a little from the old app. It made it so each time you play a lifebound hero after taking that hero's effect you resolved the multi-unite from cetra immediately. Unlike most unite effects (gaining resources, banishes, or cards) the cetra unites could be more powerful and skillful if the player was able to use the correct number of uses for the ability but not the moment they play the additional lifebound hero. Most good players try to drop their lifebounds strategically as it is. For the purposes of the app, it probably complicates the programmers job and also makes the card far more broken than its current online game state. But the rulebook very specifically says in the realms unraveled FAQ that for each time you trigger the multi-unite you may acquire a hero at any time later during that turn rather than the moment it is dropped. It would need to make the hero be like Snake Shaman where it can be activated during the turn from the play area. It would just need to have an activates counter and be able to use them 1 at a time (after the first which must go off immediately upon playing). This precedent could also be applied to things like Dhartha, the eternal and Black Watch Exemplar allowing the multiple banishes to be saved for later in the round. There are many tactical reasons a player would want to stretch them out such as getting draws from a monster off the top then wanting to play something that was drawn that will give a benefit if the right faction is acquired or a monster is killed. Or especially with gift where the player may want to stack "banish from anywhere" bonuses in discard before using additional multi-unite banishes and combo the turn even better. Rules PDF File

Sordid Asp and Snapdragon Witch inconsistency between sets. There are cards like the sordid asp (ROTF) and Snapdragon Witch (RU) that have bonus effects based on a check of current honor totals. The general rules for ascension resolves card effects from top to bottom in order. For example, if Snapdragon witch is played while the active player has 4 honor and the single opponent has 5 honor the honor check occurs after the 1 honor gain and 5 vs 5 is not enough to "have more honor than all other players" but if you have 5 vs 5 honor at the start of that snapdragon play you gain 1 and 6v5 does set off having more honor and draws an extra card. This is the correct rules interpretation. But the sordid asp, which is very similar in the conditional, does not. Currently if you have 4 honor and your opponent has 5 and you gain the 1 honor from the asp it should then check to see if the player with the most honor has more than you which is no longer true and should do nothing. Instead it steals 2 additional honor from them. It is ruling that honor is checked at the start of the monster death/reward begins phase rather than after the honor reward has been given and the bonus reward is checked. But Snapdragon Witch does not check honor at the start of the hero being played only after the first part of the card is resolved. Monster rewards and hero effects should be consistent. But there was a specific ruling made by Stoneblade when ROTF was released saying that the Asp works as the digital game is currently running it. I believe they should reconsider and make the Asp consistent with every other ascension card/rules ever made since it really isn’t much of a difference and it sets a precedent that is not consistent with other cards such as the Snapdragon Witch (exactly the same situation).

EDITS: There are more for me to add but need to step away now. I will continue to add to this list and will take suggestions from others to add to my master copy. This is a good place to learn about ways around non-intuitive implementations that are not quite bugs too.
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Re: Master List of Bugs, Quality of Life, and Rules for App

Postby trappiste » Tue May 29, 2018 8:47 am

Many thanks turtler for this list. Did you report this directly to asmoddee digital ?

As you said, many players adapt the way they play when they know how cards trigger in the app. It took me a while with sordid asp I have to admit :)
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Re: Master List of Bugs, Quality of Life, and Rules for App

Postby Hemka » Fri Jun 01, 2018 2:39 pm

Quality of Life: When I had a transformed Pathwarden I did not see any indication that I could spend runes as power. I believe there used to be a red halo around the rune tracker? There was nothing. It did work as intended, though, which was nice. Next time I get Luro from WoS I'll have to see if that has an indicator.
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Re: Master List of Bugs, Quality of Life, and Rules for App

Postby turtler7 » Mon Jun 18, 2018 4:42 am

List updated with 2 new bugs, 2 new unconfirmed not-replicated bugs reported by others, 8 new quality of life suggestions/feedbacks, and one new rules implementation inconsistency/error have been added to the list today. I hope the feedback is helpful. And I especially hope to see the missing lifebound cards come into the digital deck shuffle correctly as that is a pretty devastating error to the deck balance for lifebound unites.
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Re: Master List of Bugs, Quality of Life, and Rules for App

Postby LaughingKettle » Tue Jun 19, 2018 3:37 pm

  • Cacklecast Wretch’s cost doesn’t reduce to 0 when it is in void.
  • Premonition Bell can’t copy Miles correctly. It let you draw one card immediately but playing cards in other faction after the copy doesn’t trigger his talent. Note this discription is insufficient. I think I remember that copied Miles gave me 2 or more cards depending on the situation. I dimly remember Xeron was same about him, I think.
  • Surya cannot kill monsters in void even if she was Stalking the Shadow although can kill Nethersnared monster. Because both cards has the same text that reads “as though they were in the center row”, at least either one is wrong.
  • Betrayed Templar forces me to kill nethersnared monster when no monster in the center row. I don’t know about if monsters are there but all ones were high costed.
  • Cetra, Guide of Ogo never give me any reputation. Sure, champions say “whenever you acquire or defeat A card from the center row” and say nothing about when you aquire multiple cards, but does it matter? In addition, she doesn’t give me reputation even if her ability result to acquire single card.
  • And in strict saying, The Great Eclipse is incomplete even if you get to be able to name dreamscape heroes. All cards can appear from portals and it should accept all names and open the door to bet the named card comes from there. Also, you might wish to name Dartha, the Eternal in the main deck to take a chance to rally him if you are Lifebound ... though in rare cases.
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Re: Master List of Bugs, Quality of Life, and Rules for App

Postby LaughingKettle » Tue Jun 19, 2018 4:02 pm

Sorry, Surya one is my misunderstanding.

And I add one thing.
Order of the Gear makes Mechana heroes in the center row into constructs in your turn.
But it says not “Mechana heroes are constructs in you turn” but “your Mechana heroes are constructs”, so heroes in the center row are not mine yet and should not be mechanized.
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Re: Master List of Bugs, Quality of Life, and Rules for App

Postby rainynight65 » Mon Jul 02, 2018 10:27 pm

I am not sure if this is a bug or not, but I noticed the following this morning in an AI game:

The Void Event card Emri's Trial (GoTE) reduces the cost to defeat monsters in the centre row by 1.

The Enlightened Hero Thunder Templar (also GoTE) defeats a monster with cost 5 or less. But it can't defeat monsters whose cost has been reduced to 5 by Emri's Trial.

Does 'Defeat a monster with cost 5 or less' only apply to the base cost of the monster, or should it be taking modified cost into account?
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Re: Master List of Bugs, Quality of Life, and Rules for App

Postby Hemka » Tue Jul 03, 2018 5:28 pm

That is normal behavior. The "defeat a monster of X cost or less" only looks at what is printed on the card, not any effects that can reduce the cost.

The cards that acquire a card of X cost or less work the same way.
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Re: Master List of Bugs, Quality of Life, and Rules for App

Postby Mzrc10 » Tue Jul 10, 2018 11:24 pm

Some bugs I've found (Apologize if already listed, don't have time to read through it all right now):

There's a 1 cost void construct I cannot recall the name of from GOTE that allows you to banish a card once per turn after you defeat a center row monster. Sometimes it would not allow me to banish a card after defeating a monster, sometimes it did.

I used Crystalline Monk and was going to put the energy under a Hulking Crab under PRIME, but failed to drag it completely and the energy went back under Hulking Crab, but then I was no longer able to select Hulking Crab - so I picked the energy under Black Watch Elite, but then it moved the Black Watch Elite over PRIME and didn't do anything to the energy - so I just clicked none but BWE stayed on top of PRIME and couldn't be done anything about without reopening the app. I could buy PRIME but not BWE.
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Re: Master List of Bugs, Quality of Life, and Rules for App

Postby Azure Headlands » Thu Jul 12, 2018 9:53 pm

Ok, not sure where to post this:

I’d love to find/have a master list/visual image of game set symbols cuz I can’t remember them all. So I take a screenshot of a completed game and there isn’t a reference on that image other than on the card sets underneath, and that’s not always a correct representation of all the games played PLUS I gotta remember each set symbol. Since there are so many tournament games going on it’s hard to keep track of what game is what sometimes.

Also when I go to the master list of cards, my iOS app keeps crashing. And the image of each deck is not the deck symbol, which would be nice if it was the symbol instead.
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