What do copy with Spirit Of The Ancients?

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What do copy with Spirit Of The Ancients?

Postby ackmondual » Fri Jul 20, 2018 3:40 am

6/3, l/h, Promo, copy the effect of any l/h from any Ascension set that you haven't already chosen.

Cetra Guide Of Ogo (8/4, promo)
If there are a lot of heroes in the CR, high honor value, high cost, I have card draws that'll let me use them ASAP, and/or decent "on-gain" effects

Cetra, Matron Of Stars (7/4, RU)
Similar to above, but if there are only 1 or few heroes worth going after, and I have the Multi-Unites to trigger this enough times as needed

Cetra Weaver Of Stars (7/4, CotG)
If I think I'll use the above 2 later on... I'll use this to save those for later

Sabre The Moonlit (6/3, IH)
I can get Unit effect. Especially if my deck is trimmed down.

Starcaller Leotan (6/3, RoV)
I have mucho Energy. Usually, at least 7

Dendris The Gladewyrm (6/3, DU)
I have 3+ Energy to trigger its Energize effect

Gem Eater Leprechaun (4/2, DU)
Its +2 Energy to trigger some key Energize effect

Lunar Pack (4/3, DS)
Can trigger its Unite to get its +2 Insight effect to make use of that

Pathwarden (6/3, Promo)
Need to kill key Monster(s), and can especially make use of RUnes for Power.
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Re: What do copy with Spirit Of The Ancients?

Postby Hemka » Sun Jul 22, 2018 2:40 pm

Vyrak is also nice. 10 honor is a nice shot in the arm.
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