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Full Version Timing Rule?

Postby JasonTime » Mon Aug 06, 2018 10:20 am

Main timing rule reference: https://stoneblade.zendesk.com/hc/en-us ... /212259506
Other references: Ascension Rulebooks

Though the Timing Rule above is good enough, yet it is still not that clear as I expected. When playing a game with multiple sets, things can go really confusing. I am trying to improve the Timing Rule and I want to get your advices. Many thanks for any help.

Improved Version:
(0).The Center Row is altered. (Because of acquiring, defeating, banishing, etc.)
* [SoS][IH][GotE] The effect of current Event will last till Step 6.
* [WoS] The Day/Night status will go on the whole procedure.
* This timing is important, because it "records" the Event and Day/Night status for the whole procedure, especially in case of Rally which inserts this whole things into another.
(1).The card goes to where it should go. (Discard pile, the Void, etc.)
(2).[DoC] Gain Reputation if certain criteria is met.
(3).[DoC] Trigger off the Champion's effect if enough Reputation is gained.
(4).Replace cards from left to right until there are no empty places in the Center Row.
* [SoS][IH][GotE] If the current Event is altered, it immediately comes into effect, but it will not affect Step 5 and Step 6.
* [DoC] Rally cards if certain criteria is met. In such case, there will be a new Step 0 for the new procedure, same for Rewards or other effects that ask you to acquire or defeat cards.
(5).In order of defeat, gain Rewards from defeated Monsters.
(6).Resolve the effects that trigger off of acquiring or defeating cards.
(7).Resolve Fates in order of entering the Center Row.
(8).Resolve the effects that trigger off of playing a card in order of playing the cards. (Unite, Wandering Askara, etc.)
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