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Labyrinth, Collectible Card RPG

Stone Blade Entertainment is excited to announce its partnership with Free Range Games to launch the Labyrinth Kickstarter! [Link]  Labyrinth is a revolutionary digital CCG / tactical RPG.  Assemble powerful decks of Heroes to invade rival dungeons and engage in epic player vs. player 3D battles–then, use the loot from your conquests to customize your own dungeon and put together a powerful deck of bosses, minions, and traps to defend your riches at all costs.

Free Range Games has shown their incredible dedication to quality in their work on the upcoming Solforge release see more info here.  Stone Blade is using our years of experience to develop and balance the game mechanics to make the game strategic, fun, and epic.

Please check out the campaign page here, share with your friends, and let us know what you think!


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