A Glimpse at Rise of Vigil

Hello all and welcome to Rise of Vigil previews! Very soon, players will be able to get their hands on a copy of the newest Ascension expansion by coming to find us at PAXEast Booth 548, by preordering through our Ascension Online Paypal Campaign or by visiting your friendly local game store starting on April 3rd. I’m here to talk about some of the new mechanics available in Rise of Vigil and to kick off our week of previews leading up to PAX East.

Rise of Vigil is my favorite Ascension set since the original Chronicle of the Godslayer. The play pattern feels fun and different, but still retains the best parts of classic Ascension game play. This is in large part due to the introduction of a new card type and new mechanic. Continue reading

Welcome to the new!

You might have noticed that things look a bit different since the last time you were here. We’ve wanted to give the Ascension website a face lift for a while now, and just after we completed a successful Kickstarter campaign for Ascension Online with the help of fans like you seemed like the perfect time for an upgrade!

In addition to the shiny new look, you’ll find a variety of shiny new features on the upgraded site. We’ve added a complete card database so you can look up every card we’ve ever printed, a store locator so you can find places to purchase Ascension near you, whether you’re at home or traveling, as well as an events page where you can find Game Days or other chances to play.

Check it out, and let us know what you think!

Kickstarter PayPal Extension Continued

Due to some technical difficulties involved with the transition to our new website, we will be continuing the Kickstarter PayPal Extension through next Monday, March 18th.

This also gives us additional time to reach our stretch goals! At last count, we were at a total of over $193,000 raised! That leaves us just $7,000 short of the Ascension comic book goal, so if you have friends who haven’t backed yet or you want to pick up some extra add-ons for yourself, there’s still time, and you can help us make it to the goal!

You can contribute to the Paypal campaign by going to

Ascension Online PayPal Campaign

Since we got our Paypal page up pretty late in the process, we are going to leave it going for a while longer to give everyone who wants to a chance to participate. Any money donated via Paypal will count towards the additional stretch goals, so please share with your friends who may not have been able to join the main campaign. You can also still increase your pledge to hit a higher reward tier or add-on if you decide to.

You can contribute to the Paypal campaign by going to