San Diego SBE Meet Up

Hi everyone,

The design team from SBE will be hanging out tomorrow night at Game Empire to game and show off some upcoming projects. We will be there from 6pm to 9pm and look forward to meeting some of the Ascension community.

Check out Game Empire’s website, for more details about the event.

Hope to see many of you there!

Official Stone Blade Ascension League! Sign Up NOW!

Loam Summoner

Hello Ascension Players,

Us at Stoneblade have recently decided we would like to get involved in an awesome thing that has been going on through our forums for a while now. What we’re referring to is the Ascension League run by one of our most dedicated members of the Ascension community. Glover Parker (though, most of you know him as gpxxxtreme). A while ago, Glover took it upon himself to start this league to give people a much needed place to play Ascension in a more organized and competitive fashion. He has even used his own money to send out prizes to people in the past. After hearing all the details, many of us at SBE decided that we would love to support this league in a more official capacity.


Each month around the 25th you will see a new forum post from gpxxtreme asking for signups for the league starting at the start of the next calendar month. Kind of like this one.

This forum post will be shared here on our main page as well as on the Ascension FaceBook page which is here. So if you don’t like the page already you should now so you don’t miss out on new tournament information.

The games are played through the Ascension app which is available on iOS, Android, and PC (through steam).

The pairings are done through a website called Challonge, you must make an account on this website (it’s free) to be entered into the tournament.

Then you respond to the Forum thread with your username for the Ascension app as well as your username for Challonge. They don’t have to be the same but it is convenient if it is.

And here’s the best part……IT”S 100% FREE!

Here is what you can win:

1st – $20 store credit to our web store.
2nd – $10 Store credit to our web store.
3rd – 8th – $5 Store credit to our web store.
$1 Store credit to our web store for just entering and finishing all the rounds

Those are the basics that are true for almost every month. However some things change from month to month such as which Ascension sets will be used in each tournament (sometimes it is even a different mixture of sets each round!).

This month it is a rotating format which uses all of the sets (No promo packs needed) so make sure you have all the sets unlocked. Even the newest one to the app, Dreamscape.

f you want to sign up for October’s league you can do so HERE.

Have Fun!

-The team at SBE

P.S. We just want to reiterate how amazed and lucky we feel to have such an incredible member of this community in Glover. It is people like him who turn games like Ascension into something special for everyone. Thanks, Glover!


Ascension VR

Bringing the tabletop world into the digital sphere by connecting players from all over the world into one virtual space, Ascension VR uses 3D fully animated avatars and showcases social elements including spatialized voice chat, avatar lip sync and avatar animation triggered by real time player movement.  Players can battle for supremacy regardless of what platform they’re on, whether mobile or PC and from a variety of VR headsets, including Gear, Vive, and Rift.  


Available for $9.99 via Steam and the Oculus Store August 1, 2016.  

Sign up for the Beta here!


First Look – Ascension X: War of Shadows

Hello Ascension fans!

My name is Gary Arant and I am incredibly honored to be giving everyone their first look into the next Ascension release. I had the privilege of being named lead designer for this product, after being involved in some capacity on nearly every Ascension release to date. It was a blast doing so and I really hope that everyone will enjoy the set as much as I loved designing it. So, let’s get to it and take a look at our tenth set of the game we all know and love, Ascension X: War of Shadows!

War of Shadows

As the title suggests, in this iteration of Ascension, players will be harnessing the power of Light and Darkness in their struggle for supremacy over their competitors. This brings us to one of the new mechanics of the set: Light Day symbol and Dark night symbol cards.

Sunstreak CourierShrine Attendant

Each card in the center deck of War of Shadows is either a Light card or a Dark card. During a game, if there are more Light cards in the center row than there are Dark cards, then it is Day. If there are more Dark cards in the center row than there are Light cards, it is Night. I’d like to take a quick second to give a special shout out to Benjamin Lundquist for his consistently awesome ideas that help to shape every project he works on. It was his idea to execute my vision of Day vs Night in this particular way and it is just the right mix of exciting surprises and strategic control.

Fighting to keep the game in whichever state your deck excels in is crucial in War of Shadows and will require the ability to plan and adapt, while having a tiny bit of luck as well. The reason it will be so important to control whether it is Day or Night is that some cards become much more powerful when they are used during their prefered game state.

Watchtower GolemShade of Sadranis

Watchtower Golem might look like a pretty normal Mechana Construct when you’re reading it. When a Mechana Construct is played, get some power… wait a second… there is an “or” in that text! That’s right, this Construct will actually give you 2 Power every single turn if it is Day. It is quite a potent effect for a Mechana Construct to have all on its own.

The importance of keeping the game in Night is instantly apparent with Shade of Sadranis. If the board is neutral or it is Day, the Shade will give you 4 Power but no other effect. It is at Night that this Hero really… shines by giving you a much wider selection of Monsters to defeat when you use him.

A little bit of the Half-Half strat

On top of Light and Dark cards creating Day and Night, there are new dual cost cards in Ascension X. This means, for the first time in the game, there will be Heroes and Constructs that require some amount of Power in addition to Runes to acquire.

Bringer of Hope

This card brings a tear of joy to my eye. To give you a bit of background on why I put these dual cost cards into this set and why I designed cards like the Bringer of Hope, it is because I so dearly love what us folk at Stone Blade call “The Half-Half” strat. This is a strategy where you throw caution to the wind and instead of focusing on building up Runes or Power, you just go for both! Why just buy big Heroes or just kill big Monsters when you can try to do everything!? This strategy will have some amazing rewards as a result of dual cost cards. Now players will have to seriously consider balancing a mixture of Rune generation and Power generation in their decks.

You can pre-order the set now!

You can now pre-order Ascension X: War of Shadows at our website here. If you do, we will throw in a great promo card that pairs well with any Ascension deck you like to play with. Meet the Chaos Rider.

chaos Rider

Some Final Thoughts

I want to make sure to say, well done by Mr. Ryan O’Connor. Ryno has a lot of say over the creative direction of Ascension, ranging from doing our graphic design to writing up art descriptions. In my opinion, Ascension keeps looking more amazing every release and Ascension X is no exception. Congrats on making one of the coolest looking products I have seen – I am lucky to have been the designer on what ended up being such a badass looking set.

I am incredibly excited to share all of this with the Ascension community. I can’t wait to hear your responses about what you see and I really hope that this box of Ascension will live up to the incredibly high standard that is the Ascension legacy. With that said, I’d like to thank the big boss upstairs, Justin Gary (no, he isn’t God or anything… he actually just lives upstairs from where I work) for handing over the reins of his baby and giving me the opportunity to get my name on a box that will be sold in many many game stores.


Thanks for reading!

-Gary Arant


P.S. – Don’t forget, you can now preorder Ascension X: War of Shadows here. If you do, you will be given a special promo card that I talked about earlier, Chaos Rider.