Realms Unraveled Previews are Here! Coming to Stores June 18th!

Just this week, the first boxes of Realms Unraveled finally made their way to our warehouse. We know you’ve all been waiting a long time for a new Ascension set, and believe us – so have we! We’re thrilled that we’ve finally gotten past all of the production and shipping delays that have kept Realms Unraveled out of your hands for far too long. But your wait is nearly at an end! Realms Unraveled is officially slated to release on June 18th – which means it’s time to start showing you the cards!

Realms Unraveled revolves around Adayu, the Dreamer, and his decent into madness. But I’ll let the story at the start of the rulebook speak for itself…


The merging of the realms isn’t just a big deal for the story – it’s a big deal for the gameplay, too! While there are some mechanics that are shared between factions, there are certain effects that we have always kept confined within particular factions.

Banishing cards from the center row, for instance, has always been an Enlightened effect. Similarly, the Enlightened faction has always stood out from the others because it is the only faction that does not directly produce resources. They can acquire or defeat cards directly, but they never produce Runes or Power. That meant that some simple cards that we might want to make – like a Seer of the Forked Path variant that makes runes instead of drawing a card – were off-limits due to the design of the factions as a whole.

Until now, that is:


Timestream Seer is the sort of card we would have never made in a “normal” set because of how it breaks our faction rules, but once it became a multi-faction card, all those rules go out the window.

Similarly, Void has always had a monopoly on banish cards, except for the “upgrade” style effects found in Enlightened. Lifebound has always been the faction with the most direct honor gain. Put these two together and what do you get?  Why, Deathbound Druid, or course.


 In addition to cards that belong to multiple factions, Realms Unraveled introduces the new “Multi-Unite” ability. This new mechanic is a new take on the old Lifebound “Unite” ability, and works very similarly by giving you extra effects when you play Heroes that share a faction with the card. The big difference is that while you can only get the bonus effect of a Unite card once, you can trigger Multi-Unite any number of times. You can get a *lot* of power from this guy:


It’s also worth noting that the dual faction cards work very well with the multi-unite cards, allowing you to trigger cards from both of their factions. They also work well with some of the new transform cards, like this one:


Transform is back, allowing you to permanently upgrade your cards by reaching certain conditionals, in this case playing another hero of the same faction while the card is in your hand. And what does this Disciple transform into? Why, I’m glad you asked:


There are quite a few Transform cards with similar kinds of triggers that allow you to permanently upgrade cards in your deck, and there are also some that are a little…different.  Like this one:


And what does he transform into? Well, you’re going to have to wait until next time to find out….

Like what you see? Preorder Realms Unraveled today and get a free promo card with your order!



  1. skinman12 on said:

    Hi folks,
    I am more interested in the Year One Collectors Edition. I have had it on preorder for all most 7 months. What is the eta?

    • Huuuze on said:

      There is no ETA at the moment. We’ve been unhappy with the prototypes we’ve received and we want to make sure a product with the name “Collectors Edition” is certainly worthy of the moniker.

  2. guillaumetexas on said:

    Just saw the preview/review by Tom Vasel posted on the Dice Tower website. I am loving all these great cards. I will have to go to my FLGS to get it ordered. This looks like a must buy set.

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