Locations Theme Pack

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The Location Theme Pack is a set of 12 of our Promo cards  released at GenCon 2015. Shuffle these cards into the center deck of any set and when one of them flips into the center row it modifies that space for the rest of the game. The set contains the following cards:

  • Stone Circle
  • Cetra’s Shrine
  • Path of Trials
  • Rift’s Edge
  • Hedron Sanctum
  • Arha Dojo

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1 review for Locations Theme Pack

  1. Albin
    3 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    The design’s a bit lazy (re-used illustrations, the same ability on three of the six cards – one for each regular type of card) but overall it makes for very beautiful cards and an interesting new mechanic, which’ll make you think twice about which card to buy – the way tresures did, somehow.

    An interesting take on Locations and a cute start. Hope to see something deeper in the future, with more cards in it !

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