Stone Blade and Playdek Renew Partnership – Ascension Coming to Android this Summer

Playdek and Stone Blade Entertainment Renew Partnership;

Playdek to Continue to Support and Develop Ascension Games

New Expansion for iOS and Android Coming Soon; PC Game Also in Development

CARLSBAD, Calif. June 30, 2014—Playdek, a leading mobile and video games publisher, and Stone Blade Entertainment, a premier developer and publisher of original board and card games, are pleased to announce they have reached a new agreement on the development of digital content for the award-winning Ascension properties.  Playdek will continue to develop mobile and video games based on the popular board game series, including creating versions of the game for Android, PC and additional platforms.

The in-app expansion Ascension: Rise of Vigil will launch later this summer for iOS, and the game will launch shortly thereafter for the first time on Android. At that time, Android users will also be able to purchase all of the prior expansions for the Android platform.

“Ascension is a great property and we are so pleased to work with Stone Blade Entertainment again,” said Joel Goodman, CEO, Playdek. “We thank our loyal fans for standing by us and always strive to bring them the best possible gaming experience. Now with Android and PC versions in the works, we can offer Ascension to even more fans on the platform they prefer.”

Playdek will continue to host online play through its multi-featured cross-platform system and will work with Stone Blade to fulfill digital Kickstarter rewards for Ascension Online.

“We’re thrilled to continue working with Playdek,” said Justin Gary, Founder and CEO, Stone Blade Entertainment. “They did an incredible job on the original Ascension app, and we look forward to bringing the same high-quality game experience to our Android and PC fans.”

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About Stone Blade Entertainment

Founded by gaming industry veterans in 2010, Stone Blade Entertainment is a premier developer and publisher of original board and card games.  Formerly known as Gary Games, Stone Blade Entertainment’s products include the new SolForge Digital Collectible Game and the award-winning Ascension deckbuilding game, which has released four expansion sets and been turned into a top selling iOS app.  For more information, visit

About Playdek, Inc.
Playdek is a premier developer, publisher and platform for the world’s best tabletop gaming. Winner of Boardgamegeek’s Golden Geek award for Best Mobile/Handheld Game (2011, 2012, 2013)  and Board Game of the Year, as well as Reader’s Choice Game of the Year, (2013) and Pocket Tactics’ “Publisher of the Year” (2012) and Board Game of the Year (2013) awards, Playdek brings the best of hobby gaming to digital.| facebook/playdek | twitter/playdek




  1. biyabo on said:

    I’ve already purchased every single bit of DLC for the Ascension iOS App. and I backed the Ascension Kickstarter. Please tell me I won’t have to purchase every expansion a third time for the Android version.

      • Sarcor on said:

        I bought into “Ascension Online” with online tournaments, campaign mode, and multiplatform play. Features that I invested in by backing the project.

        If these features aren’t going to be offered, are there plans to “make good” on the loss of core functionality promised in the Kickstarter campaign?

  2. SuMO2 on said:

    I hope that with this renewal, attention is paid to the performance of the app. It started to slow down with 1.6… Now with 1.7, it is no longer sleek on a 5s, currently apples premier mobile hardware.

    Please, take a look at how this performs on the optimized devices… While I’m a small fish in a big pond, I’m not sure if it’s worth buying in on future releases if they continue to run poorly on equipment that is less than a year old.

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