The Ascension: Year One Collector’s Edition Is Here!

When Ascension launched almost five years ago, we could only dream of the kind of success the game has since achieved. To celebrate the longevity and popularity of Ascension, we have created the Year One Collector’s Edition!


This product contains all the cards from the first year of Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer and Return of the Fallen boxed sets, the Rat King, Rat Queen, Leprechaun and Samael Claus Theme Packs, and all 12 of the promo cards we released in that time. This limited edition run also features the first appearance of foil cards in Ascension! All 346 cards are done in a high-quality foil finish, featuring new card frames and updated art.


We’ve packaged these cards inside a metal collector’s tin, and included a portable storage box so you can easily take your cards anywhere. There is also an Ascension branded Honor Token bag for storage of your Honor gems and a sweet foil board.


This product will sell out very quickly, so if you want to add this centerpiece item to your Ascension collection, be sure to pick it up at your friendly local gaming store, or order it from our website. Get it while it is still available!