Ascension World Championship at Gen Con!

OriginsLogoUltra PRO Entertainment and Stone Blade Entertainment are excited to announce that Gen Con will host the 2017 Ascension World Championship on Saturday, August 19 starting at 10AM. This Swiss tournament is open to 64+ competitors, as participants battle it out in 2-player matches with our latest set, Valley of the Ancients. The tournament will also feature a number of limited edition Ascension products:

  • All participants receive a 10 Prize Tix which can be used to purchase Ascension merchandise
  • The Top 32 will receive a Gen Con exclusive playmat.
  • The Top 17-32 will receive 50 Prize Tix.
  • The Top 9-16 will receive 100 Prize Tix.
  • The final 8 competitors receive an Ascension backpack, an Ascension watch, and 200 Prize Tix.
  • The World Championship runner-up will receive $500 in addition to the Top 8 prizes!
  • The World Champion will receive all of the above, be immortalized in a future Ascension set, and take home $2,500!


If you’re in Indianapolis, IN and attending Gen Con, you can register for this event (ID CGM17121937) here. We’re expecting a large turnout, so make sure you register soon. And good luck to everyone that participates — we’ll see you on August 19 at Gen Con!

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