Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer (15)

When does a card in the center row get replaced? If I defeat Mephit, do I banish a card in the center row before or after a new card replaces the Mephit?

Whenever a card leaves the center row, the first thing that happens is that it is replaced from the center deck. There should be six cards in the center row at all times. In this instance, if you defeat Mephit, you replace the Mephit from the center deck and then make your decision about what card to banish.

What happens when I defeat the Cultist? Does he go to the Void? If not, can I defeat the Cultist more than once in a turn?

The Cultist remains in the always available area for the entire game – he is never banished to the Void. You may defeat the Cultist as many times as you can afford. For example, if you have eight Power, you may defeat the Cultist four times. There are a whole lot of Cultists in the world!

What happens when all of the Honor tokens are gone? Can I earn more Honor?

The Honor tokens running out signals that the game is going to end, but you can still earn more Honor from the reserve. The game ends at the end of the series of turns when the final Honor token is taken from the pool. That means that the player who took the last turn in the first series of turns always gets the last turn of the game. For example, if Player 1 went first, Player 2 went second, and Player 3 went third, and Player 2 takes the last honor token from the pool on his turn, Player 3 will get another turn, but Player 1 will not.

Runic Lycanthrope says “If you played a Lifebound Hero this turn, +2 Power.” Does he count himself?

No, Runic Lycanthrope does not count himself. He should say “If you played another Lifebound Hero this turn”. Our bad!

How does Tablet of Time’s Dawn work? Do I get another turn if I banish it from the center row? What happens if I use it on the last turn of the game?

Tablet of Time’s Dawn gives a player another turn if they banish it while they have it in play. You don’t have to banish it the turn you play it – you can keep it in play until you decide to use it, but you can only use it during your own turn. If you have the final turn of the game and you banish the Tablet, you still get an additional turn. Any time a card’s effect seems to contradict the rules of the game, follow the instructions on the card instead.

Can I use a Mystic with Druids of the Stone Circle to acquire a Hero that costs five runes? What about Arha Templar and power?

Cards like Druids of the Stone Circle and Arha Templar can only be used to acquire or defeat Heroes or Monsters with the listed costs. They cannot be used together with other cards for additional effect.

What happens if I run out of Heavy Infantry or Mystic cards? Can we buy more somehow?

There is a limited supply of Heavy Infantry and Mystics. Once they run out, no player can acquire more of them.

Can I use an Apprentice to gain a Rune and then banish it with a Void Initiate?

No, cards you play remain face up in front of you until the end of your turn and only then go to your discard pile. If you want to banish a card from your hand, you won’t be able to get the effect from it first.

Do Constructs I have in play count toward my Honor total at the end of the game?

All cards you have acquired over the course of a game, except those that have been banished or otherwise left your deck, count toward your honor total. This includes cards in your hand and deck and Constructs in play.

What happens to the cards a player takes with Xeron, Duke of Lies? Does that player keep them permanently? Do the other players get to draw a new card to replace the card that got taken?

When a player defeated Xeron, he takes a card at random from each opponent’s hand and adds it to his own hand. The player can use those cards that turn, and they remain in his deck for the rest of the game. The other players do not get to replace their lost card.

What’s the difference between banishing a Monster from the Center Row and defeating a Monster to banish it to the Void?

When you defeat a Monster, you get the reward printed on the card. When you are simply banishing the Monster (using a banish ability from a card), you do not get any reward.

Do I get to use the effect of a card in my hand before banishing it?

No. You cannot banish a card from your hand if it has already been player. (It’s no longer “in your hand.”)

Why would I want to banish a card from my personal deck?

As you acquire more powerful Heroes, you want to increase the chance that you will pick them up in your hand. If you banish the weaker cards like Apprentice and Militia from your deck, you’ll draw your powerful cards more often. Note that most cards are worth Honor points, which you will lose if you banish them.

What happens if the Center Deck runs out of cards?

If the Center Deck runs out of cards, simply shuffle the Void pile and replace the Center Deck with it. If any Apprentice, Militia, Mystic, or Heavy Infantry cards were in the Void pile, remove them when they come up.

You acquire a Burrower Mark II, and a Reclamax replaces it from the Center Deck. Can you return the Burrower Mark II to your hand?

Yes. You can return the Burrower Mark II. This is because acquiring a card is the first thing that takes place, meaning it is in the discard pile when the Fate effect for Reclamax resolves.

Ascension: Return of the Fallen (7)

A Corrosive Widow is defeated, which puts your Snapdragon into the discard pile. However, a Reclamax flips when the Widow is defeated. Can you return your Snapdragon?

Yes. This is because Corrosive Widow resolves first, putting your Snapdragon into the discard pile. Then you can get it back when Reclamax resolves.

You defeat an Earth Tyrant, and it is replaced by a Stone Circle from the Center Deck. Do you get to draw the Mystic that you are able to acquire with Stone Circle’s Fate effect?

No. You resolve Monster rewards first, draw your two cards from Earth Tyrant, and then you have the option of acquiring a Mystic to the top of your deck with Stone Circle’s Fate effect.

You defeat a Sordid Asp while Voidthirster is in play. You have two less Honor than the person with the higher Honor total before doing this. Do you still get to steal Honor from someone?

Yes. The Honor total is tabulated prior to actually killing it. In other words, if your total is lower than an opponent’s total prior to killing Sordid Asp, you’ll receive the additional two Honor from an opponent. After you’ve resolved the Sordid Asp affect, you resolve Voidthirster’s effect and gain an additional Honor for defeating a Monster.

You play a Great Omen Raven and do not have any cards remaining in your deck. What happens?

When it comes to reveal effects such as Great Omen Raven, you need to have a deck to reveal from in order for their effects to work. If you do not have any cards remaining in your deck, then you must shuffle your discard pile and make it your deck as though you were drawing a card before you resolve Great Omen Raven’s effect.

If defeating Sordid Asp would bring your Honor total to a tie with whoever has the most Honor, do you still get to steal Honor from that player?

Yes. You resolve the entire effect for Sordid Asp all at once. If you had less Honor when you defeated Sordid Asp, then you get Honor from whoever had the highest Honor total before you defeated the monster.

What if I defeat a Sordid Asp and Guardian of Sadranis was active?

You still get to steal Honor, even if you would have more Honor than the opponent with the higher Honor Total after Guardian of Sadranais gets you bonus Honor. This is because the effect of Guardian of Sadranis does not happen until you resolve all Monster rewards. (see the Timing section above for the order on how effects resolve)

What if multiple cards with Fate appear in the Center Row at the start of the game? How do they resolve?

Fate effects will resolve in order starting with the one closest to the Center Deck, and then you move outward from the Center Deck to resolve other Fate effects.