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Ascension: Dawn of Champions

5.00 out of 5
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  • A complete 1-4 player game playable on its own or with other Ascension™ games!
  • Combine with other Ascension™ games to play with up to 6 players!
  • Play as one of Vigil’s most powerful Champions with the new over-sized Champion Cards.
  • Multiple Faction Heroes, as well as Faction Monsters
  • New Game Mechanic called Rally which allows players a chance to acquire or defeat additional Heroes and Monsters of the same faction, bolstering their ranks as long as they remain loyal to their faction’s cause.


  • 193 cards
  • 4 Over-sized Champion cards
  • 40 Reputation tokens
  • Game Board
  • 50 deluxe honor tokens
  • Full-Color rulebook
  • Storage tray

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Product Description

Dawn of Champions the newest Ascension set brings with it an all-new way to play the game with the new Champion cards, as well as introducing faction specific monsters for the first time!

In Dawn of Champions, players take on the role of Champions of each of the four factions – Dhartha, Nairi, Sadranis, and Kor. Through acquiring or defeating cards that share a faction with their champion, players build reputation, unlocking special cards and abilities as the game progresses.

Dawn of Champions also introduces the new Rally mechanic, which allows players a chance to acquire or defeat additional Heroes and Monsters of the same faction, bolstering their ranks as long as they remain loyal to their faction’s cause.


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2 reviews for Ascension: Dawn of Champions

  1. radicalman33
    5 out of 5


    DoC is awesome! I thought RALLY would be broken, but it is not. The CHAMPIONS are fun to use, too.
    I do not recommend mixing this set with RU. We played it mixed and it just wasn’t as fun as playing them separately. However, it is fun to mix in the MULTI-FACTION heroes from RU and one of each TRANSFORMABLE constructs (not heroes) and most of the RU monsters. That played very well and made the 4 player game extremely fun.
    I hope that StoneBlade decides to make an expansion for DoC. Not a small box set, but a true expansion. Add a few new heroes, constructs and monsters. No apprentice/militia mystic/heavy or honor tokens. just roughly 50 more cards to expand DoC, especially 4 new CHAMPIONS to choose from.
    Do not pass this set over. It is awesome!

  2. humanweapon
    5 out of 5


    I gave DoC 5 stars because the game play is great. Radicalman33 is dead on with the review. So, I am going to give somewhat of a critical review of the set. I still give ***** for game play, but I am giving a critical review of the physical set.
    1. The box is a different size than the rest of the big boxes, it is slightly smaller. It does not fit perfectly in line with the other boxes and makes it look sloppy.
    2. The plastic insert in the box is set up perfectly, unless you sleeve your set. My first impression is that it was great, but once sleeved the insert became useless. RU had a good insert with the large section that could fit a lot of cards. If the insert could accommodate sleeves it would be great.
    3. Up to this point every large box has had new artwork for the apprentice/militia and mystic/heavy infantry. This set has just recycled the old art since the Apprentice Edition.
    4. The game board is very yellow, and looks cool. But in the Void being directly next to the center row often leads to confusion. Several times per game (especially large games) some one attempts to acquire or defeat something in the void mistaking it for the center row. Also, the draw pile says “Chronicle of the Godslayer.”
    5. The reputation tokens are lame cardboard cut outs. Another color gem would have been perfect for the tokens. I purchased some on the internet to replace the cardboard ones.
    6. Cards are misprinted. The large Champion cards say “An Lifebound/Void/Mechana card” and Dhartha is referred to as both “Master of Sight” and “Master of the Eye.”
    Dawn of Champions feels rushed due to the typo’s on the cards and the “Chronicle of the Godslayer” on the draw pile. It’s like they forgot to proof read and missed some really simple stuff. I get the feeling that the reputation tokens were a last resort as the gem counters of different colors are hard to find, perhaps SB had the same issue or the cost would be too great. I am sure future sets will have the same size of as DoC. The insert was a good idea, but not accommodating for sleeves is a big oversight.
    Remember, that none of this affects game play and should not steer you away from purchasing this set. Everyone I know feels that DoC is the best or second best set out.

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